Mindful Monkeys Workshop:: Aug 11th, 9-11am

Mindful Monkeys Workshop:: Aug 11th, 9-11am


Saturday, August 11, 9-11am

The workshop the little Yogis have been waiting for!  We have explored deeply what ancient Yogis refer to as “the Monkey mind.”  The Monkey mind is a chaotic state where we have far too many thoughts and emotions bouncing around in our heads, and we are living in the future or the past, totally lacking the mindfulness that is essential to our inner peace. 

DDY teaches how pranayama and meditation can calm the Monkey mind and awaken within the Yogi the stillness that is a natural gateway to inner peace.  

At all our weekly classes, we shake up our calming bottle and watch the flurry of ‘thoughts’ dance around, while we note that this is symbolic of the Monkey mind.  Then we use pranayama (breathing techniques) to bring ourselves into the present moment, and as we do so, the ‘thoughts’ in the bottle settle to the bottom and we notice how we ourselves have become more peaceful too. 

In our exclusive Mindful Monkey Workshop, we will explore new pranayamas as well as sing, do yoga poses, play yoga games, and, wait for it: craft our very own Mindful Monkey calming bottles!  

We have an incredibly special meditation planned as well as our much loved trip to the sacred secret garden. 

This is one Pop Up you don’t want to miss!  

We have limited spaces available and we appreciate your early registration

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