What is Generosity, really?

Hi Friends!!

Gen-er-os-it-y: the quality of being kind and generous.

You might as well just put ‘Mother’ in the definition of generosity!  Mothers endlessly give of time, energy, love, and the countless different hats they wear to make their children’s lives more enriched.  We tip our own hats to ALL the moms out there who we will celebrate this Month of May! 

To give is a beautiful virtue. When we instill a love of giving within our little ones today, we are building a more compassionate and loving tomorrow. 

This month we will be exploring generosity’s multi-facets. From giving away items we no longer use, to donating our time to help others, to offering compliments, there are so many ways we can be generous.

OM Work:

Encourage your Little Yogi to become more generous in these ways 

  1. Make cards or pictures and deliver to a nursing home. 

  2. Compliment a new person every day for one week

  3. Go through toys and books and donate 

  4. Earn $5 and spend it on pet toys at the dollar store and deliver to animal shelter 

  5. Offer to take out the trash or do the dishes to help Mom and Dad 

Special dates to remember for May include:  
May 12, Mother’s Day theme Funky Monkeys 9am
May 19, Words To Live By Popup Workshop 9-11 am (reserve your spot as this will fill up!) 

And we are very excited to announce we will be hosting a fantastic evening pop-up in June so the adults can wine and dine in Old Town La Quinta while the kids get yogafied (and ready for bed)! 

We want to make each class as special and memorable as possible so if you could bring your little yogis favorite stuffy and cozy blanket to class it will make their trip to Secret Garden even more special.  


Dragonfly Trio