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Join us, Cassidy + Paul + Christina, for one of our magical events.

Harvest Festival 2 Hour Yoga Pop Up Saturday, October 19

Harvest Festival 2 Hour Yoga Pop Up Saturday, October 19

HOwl-O-WEEN 2 hour Festival

October 26, 9-11 am

2 hour Pop-Up Workshop!

Join Teachers Cassidy & Paul At our TWO HOUR Harvest Festival Pop Up Workshop blending yoga songs and poses, breathing techniques, yoga games, meditation, and a mindful art project you won’t want to miss.  Be sure to wear a creative costume that allows free movement! 

We are offering TWO SCHOLARSHIPS FOR this workshop. Please message us for details or to nominate someone.

Class is Saturday October 26, from 9:00-11:00am at Gather. $33 includes curriculum, epic experience, and art project.

You’ve Got a Friend in Me~TOY STORY YOGIS

You’ve Got a Friend in Me~TOY STORY YOGIS

 You’ve Got a Friend in Me~Toy Story Yogis

Join Teachers Cassidy and Paul on an epic yoga adventure. Who knows who will join us- Andy? Woody? Jessy? Buzz? Little Bo Peep? Slinky?!!

The surprises will unfold as we explore yoga and creating friendships through the loving and fun theme of Toy Story.

As always, the classes will include breathing techniques, yoga postures, yoga dongs and games, a craft, and a magical journey to infinity and beyond (guided meditation).

Classes will be held Tuesdays 4:15pm at Gather. We will be offering TWO SCHOLARSHIPS thanks to Gather Wellness Studio and Sat Seva Yoga. Send an email to explaining your need or desire for the scholarship. You can also nominate someone else!

$111 includes all curriculum and supplies Just bring a smile and a yoga mat if you have one Classes begin Tuesday October 29 and run through December 3 4:15-5:00pm

recommended ages 3.5-11


The Perfect Teacher Trio



Cassidy Barbeau is a mother to three magical light-bringers and devoted to her one-of-a-kind husband, Paul.

The Barbeau family recently returned to California by way of an 11 year journey in Costa Rica. After deepening her knowledge of yoga and self-awareness in the rainforest, Cassidy has planted roots full time in La Quinta.

In addition to teaching children’s yoga workshops and co-leading inspiring kundalini full moon circles, she teaches a weekly Kriya Flow class, which fuses her love of powerful kundalini yoga with engaging vinyasa flows. Although awakening the body matters to Cassidy, she is far more concerned with awakening and healing the spirit, creating awareness of Self, and removing blockages in the psyche. Her unique classes leave you feeling energized, peaceful, and interested in continuing on a yogic path.

In a nutshell: Leo sun with Cancer-rising sign and Sagittarius moon, INFJ, vegetarian, animal-lover, homeopathic healer, hippie heart, natural Mommy, lover of music, fan of vintage VWs, follower of the Grateful Dead, collector of epic books, spends time writing & deepening her practice through studying yogic texts, is a culinary goddess, ignited by passion, an herbal alchemist, and lover of the sun, the moon, and the truth.

Certified Yoga Instructor 200 hours,  Certified Children's Yoga Teacher 

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Christina Joy is a mommy to 1 lovable little girl, lover of laughter, a good smile, entrepreneur since she was 18, INFJ, maker of all the things, and student of life. She has been on a spiritual journey her whole life and practicing yoga for over 10 years. Her mom is an avid traveler and instilled in her a love of travel. When she is not hiking, dancing, creating, traveling, listening to music, following the moon, or doing yoga she is a flight attendant for Alaska Airlines.

Christina was born in San Diego, and has lived in Seattle, Denver, and Toronto. She moved to La Quinta in 2012 and loves every minute of it. 

Certified yoga instructor RYT 200 Hours, Certified Children's Yoga Teacher with KAY.

Travel light. Live light. SpRead light. Be the light.


Paul Barbeau recently planted roots in La Quinta after spending 11 years in the rainforest of Costa Rica with his ever-magical wife, Cassidy.  There they raised their two spirited daughters and compassionate son. 

Professionally, Paul works as a Butler in luxury vacation homes. 

Aside from being a hands-on Father, he is Coach Paul while he leads field and flag sports to homeschool children weekly, and has been practicing yoga with children both leisurely and professionally for several years.   He is an avid practitioner of kundalini yoga and meditation, loves to access his silly side, is an expert at making kids laugh while also keeping them focused, and loves to enjoy life with family, friends, and a considerable amount of playfulness!